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Create a Unique Blog Experience

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Grow an Engaged Audience

What’s your secret sauce?

Turn your food blog into a legit business! Ditch the cookie-cutter strategies and find out what makes you stand out.

Potrait of Omaily Lucas, a marketing strategist for food bloggers.
Picture of Omaily Lucas working behind a laptop.

Hey fellow foodie,

I’m Omaily Lucas!

I’m a food blogger, content creator, marketer, and personal branding specialist. I studied the fundamentals of marketing and got creative working with entrepreneurs across different industries. I’ve seen the highs, the lows, the strategies, and tactics. I live and breathe marketing, branding, and business. Although, not more than food.

Now I’m taking all that knowledge to help my fellow food bloggers grow their blog into a thriving brand. I want to help you think outside the box, disrupt the industry, and build a brand that is engaging and stands out.

Features on logos

Time to cook your brand the way Gordon Ramsay makes scrambled eggs!

Omaily is something short of a miracle worker. When I came to her I had all these ideas stuck in my head and needed help clarifying and pulling out the vision for others. She did that and more. She really set me up for success as I launch a new business and rebrand an existing. She was so thorough and the market research was phenomenal. I highly recommend her to any business owner looking to simplify, get clear about who they serve and why, and create an overall foundation for them moving forward.”

I initially struggled with finding a niche/ entry position for my company. After one year of running my business, I wasn’t seeing the growth that I had projected. Omaily’s Brand Blueprint was the saving grace. By working with Omaily I finally got clear about my business and my offerings. It allowed me to rebrand and get hyper-focused on my target audience.”

Do you dare to succeed?


Blog-to-Business Consulting Call

Are you feeling stuck, uninspired, and disappointed with the growth of your blog? During a 60-Minute Call, we’ll work together on reviewing your Whom, How, What, and Why which is key for growing your food blog. This call goes beyond growing your Instagram and instead focuses on identifying your niche and guiding you on how to turn your blog into a legit business.

Brand Baking Boot Camp

What if you could monetize your blog in less than 4 weeks? During this group program, I will teach you the innovative way for monetizing your audience and launch your brand.

Creating a 3*-Brand Boot Camp

Go from food blogger to owner of an imperium. This all-in-one program will guide in turning your growing food blog into a household brand. Martha Stewart will have nothing on you.

Find your blog's secret sauce!

This worksheet will guide you in using the principles of business, branding, and marketing to grow a blog that stands out AND makes money without having 10K sessions. How? Download the worksheet and find out!

Your worksheet is being delivered to your inbox as we speak. Don't see it in your inbox? Then it's probably in your JUNK box (happens often). Just check there and whitelist the email to download your worksheet.

Picture of Omaily Lucas working behind a laptop.

Brand Baking Bootcamp is currently close for enrollment, but... can sign up for the waitlist and be the first to know when we open the doors. We're expected to open enrollment in January, so don't miss this opportunity. We only run this program a few times a year.

Yes, you're on the waitlist!

Picture of the founder in a blue dress walking and holding a laptop.

The 3*-Brand Bootcamp is currently close for enrollment, but... can sign up for the waitlist and be the first to know when we open the doors. We only run this program a few times a year, so don't miss this opportunity.

Yes, you're on the waitlist!